When did England win the World Cricket Championship?

when england win?

England as a pioneer of cricket

Cricket is a very popular sport in the world. However, very few people know that cricket had its roots in England. According to historians, children of Wells invent it during Norman times by clearing the forest of South East England. They also reported that the first cricket sport played was in 1611.

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In the 18th century, that cricket verified itself as a principal sport in London and the parts of Southeastern countries of England. The first law of cricket was written in 1711 and was amended in 1774.

A brief history of the Cricket World Cup

The Prudential World Cup (1975 to 1983)

England was the only country that is capable of hosting a World Cup from 1975 to 1983. In those days there was only an official sponsor named Prudential Pl that have hosted three editions of the World Cup. All the matches were played in the daytime. In the 1975 World Cup, the West Indies won by defeating Australia by 17 runs.

The ICC Cricket World Cupicc

ICC World Cup held on July 14, 2019, was the most dramatic match in the history of the World Cup. The match is played between England and New Zealand. Both were not new to the situation, but the pressure of winning the World Cup is incomparable.

The match starts with the New Zealand captain Kane Williamson opting to bat first by winning the toss. New Zealand opener Henry Nicholas and Martin Guptill have started batting but very soon Guptill was removed by Chris Woekas in the 7th over earning only 19 runs to the team.

Captain Williamson next walked into the game and took the score up 200 with Nicholas without having any further damage.

Williamson was caught out on 30 by Liam Plunket and provides a breakthrough To England’s team. On a difficult journey, several New Zealand batsmen failed to convert their score into a winning score. However, Tom Latham and Nicholas ensure 55 and 47 runs respectively, and earn a black cap. The New Zealand team ended its score at 241 by losing eight wickets.

The English team has not started with so much power and lost all top batsmen at only 86 in 24 overs. New Zealand is now and a chance of winning this World Cup but thanks to Jos Butler and Ben Stokes who put their effort at the hardest and give England a partnership run of 110 before later ended up at 59.

The dramatic and most interesting situation arises when England needs only 46 runs from 32 balls. All the hope of winning the World Cup is now on the all-rounder Stokes.

The game is now coming to the end with England needs only two runs of the final ball. In addition, England managed to have a single run in the finale and for the first time in the World Cup history ending it with a tie. Next, the two teams entered the Super over and the result is again a tie.

However, England managed to win its dramatic contest on a superior boundary count and thus become the world champion for the first time in their history.

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