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About cricket strike rate

The phrase “strike rate” in cricket has several meanings. Which interpretation is correct based on the type of player the term is referring to! A strike rate, for example, can imply one thing when referring to a batter and another entirely different thing when speaking to a bowler! As you can see, it’s another one […]

Top 6 online cricket betting tips

Expert tips always play a vital role whenever you need to wager the money in cricket.  If you are new in the world of cricket betting, then experts tips will surely help you to become a pro player in such a fantastic field. The majority of the folks are already searching the Cricket betting tips […]

Period of cricket games

If you are unfamiliar with the game of cricket, you may believe that a cricket match can run for an inordinate amount of time. We’re not going to lie: some types of cricket matches can last far longer than a football match or a rugby match. What’s nice about cricket is that several formats of […]