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The most popular women’s cricket teams

The popularity of the women’s cricket team is at its peak. The majority of the folks are watching the women’s cricket match. According to the professionals, England and India are considered powerful teams. There is ten best women’s team are available that are competing with each other. If you want to know more about the […]

What is the importance of odds and how beneficial are they in cricket betting?

Have you ever heard about betting odds? If yes, then you might be aware of its significance and benefits. Odds play a paramount role in each and every individual’s life as it allows them to have better experiences with more betting opportunities. Odds are the probability that helps people to know about their winning chances […]

Which cricketer scored the first double century in a one-day cricket match?

The people in love with cricket might be aware of its major aspects and the cricketers who made great centuries. Most people might not be aware of some cricketers who have made a great history with unique elements. A cricketer has scored a great century in one day with the tag of the double century […]

Top 5 best captains and best cricket team captions in the world

You might be wondering about the best cricket team captain who made many cricketers earn vast amounts of profits after winning various matches and world cups. It is a must for cricket lovers to learn about the best cricket captain who considers placing a bet on cricket or playing this game because it can help […]

How many teams are in the World Cricket Championship?

According to the International Cricket Council (ICC), the men’s one-day international World Cup in 2027 and 2031 will once again feature 14 teams. ICC, the world’s governing body of cricket, announced the changes as it unveiled its global schedule of events from 2024-2031. In 2025 and 2029, the Champions Trophy, a one-day international competition for […]

When did England win the World Cricket Championship?

England as a pioneer of cricket Cricket is a very popular sport in the world. However, very few people know that cricket had its roots in England. According to historians, children of Wells invent it during Norman times by clearing the forest of South East England. They also reported that the first cricket sport played […]

List of the 5 best test cricket teams from the ICC ranking

There are thousands of games which are being played all over the world. Popular among many Asian and European nations, cricket is a game that leads to stealing millions of hearts. Cricket was firstly found in the 16th century in England, but it was introduced as the national sport of England in the 18th century. […]